CAD Systems

Project support on-site or outsourcing entire projects in our technical offices: you don’t have to chose between one or the other, because we can realise both strategies at a very high technical standard. Your systems’ compatibility is assured through various 2D/3D-CAD tools.


Efficiently visualising an idea as well as the resulting construction design and the correct use of various CAD Systems and industry-specific optimal tools have always been a must over the years. From simplified conversion of complex welding constructions with the help of Multibody Parts in SolidWorks, right through to the entire layout of a production plant in AutoCAD demands top flexibility in working with the CAD 'tool'. Synchronised modelling in Siemens NX facilitates the first design sample, variation in construction is greatly simplified by parametric construction with INVENTOR and timely motion sequences can be easily demonstrated thanks to armature shaping in PTC CREO PARAMETRIC. CATIA simplifies design touch-ups and uses E-Plan to create important documents such as circuit and fluid diagrams.

Customised know-how in CAD for your engineering task is available thanks to ongoing specialised training of our staff. Our flexible choice of systems guarantees complete integration of construction data with your system later on. State-of-the-art data interfaces enable speedy exchange of data as well as local support in realising your project. Regardless of whether local project support or outsourcing entire projects in our technical offices, we are able to realise both at a highly technical level.


Integrating product management with simulation in the engineering process makes CAD-Systems indispensable for an all-encompassing development process. We can support you on your road to digitalisation, regardless of whether you need to transfer existing plants / installations in CAD-Data in preparation for integration in the simulation process, adapting tool data for a CAD/CAM interface, or adapting data to be absorbed into your PLM-System.

In order to make full use of the digitalisation potential, generated data and information must be optimally used; suitable processes must be capable and designed accordingly for this purpose. Concerning the global topic Industry 4.0 our team of experts can analyse, store entire assembly processes, and optimise with state-of-the-art production software, contributing significantly to gathered cross-industrial experience from production planning and management or job scheduling.


Extending a model presentation into a model-based software-engineering (MBSE). This model contains all the requirements and specifications needed for the end product coordinating the entire lifecycle, including quality and recycling standards. All design tools merge together under this umbrella. Suppliers and clients are naturally partners when it comes to the innovation process in Industry 4.0. They can be involved in any part of the process, leaving their individual mark on products. In doing so retail customers can define their personalised products by means of configurations which are automatically converted into CAD-data.

A high degree of standardisation is a must, in order to achieve a shortened time-to-market. We assist in modularising machines, developing and implementing an individual component catalogue or through establishing and defining standardised processes as well as optimising them.



Nowadays, state-of-the-art virtual data connection with companies enables us to constructively solve entire development projects from the very start of the drafting stage. Our technicians and project engineers are at your disposal on-site when it comes to bridging capacity peaks at short notice.

With us at your side you’ll always have an efficient solution for every technological challenge.