Mechanical Engineering

Im Fertigungsschritt abgebildete Maschine, die als Presse für Stahl und Blech dient

Engineering Competence in all Fields

From Standard to Special-Purpose Machinery

Mechanical engineering is a very comprehensive industrial field. Plant and mechanical engineering as well as the car industry are significant exports turnover for the German economy. These branches also see themselves continuously faced with new challenges as a result of globalisation and international competitors. German mechanical engineers are under increasing pressure to produce cutting-edge performances in order to stay competitive in this key industrial sector.

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Research and Design

Development, Construction and Start-Up

Our engineering competence enables us to support our mechanical and plant engineering company customers starting from the development and construction stages right up to the finishing start-up. We help our customers by using our expertise with the presentation of the entire process chain, while keeping the right balance with excellent quality, tight deadlines and increasingly tougher price battles. Our goal is to encourage timely research and development projects bringing innovative and technically advanced products on to the global market. Cost and time efficiency are becoming a major issue when introducing new products.

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Decades of Experience

Industrial Expertise in all Cycles

More than 20 years of experience in the industry have greatly contributed to our in-depth expertise when it comes to new development of technological products as well as construction and implementation of entire plant projects. CTE`s competence ranges from equipment design to product and machinery development. Regardless of whether dealing with complicated appliances or entire processing machining centres our references speak for themselves. Our experts’ interdisciplinary know-how in mechanical, electronic, mechatronic, production and manufacturing engineering technology cover our customers’ complete process.

Produktionsmitarbeiter bei der Qualitätsprüfung am laufenden Produktionsband



Flexibility and technique - CTEs’ engineering teams vouch for it. They are used to tackling any area of mechanical engineering, in particular special-purpose machinery and professionally implement our customers’ requirements. Take advantage of our competence and stay competitive.


  • Project Planning

  • Product and Component Development

  • Optimising Processes

  • CAD-Construction

  • Creating Manufacturing Documents

  • Technical Documentation


  • Special-Purpose Machinery

  • Drive Technology

  • Machine Tools

  • Conveyor Systems - Assembly Technique

  • Packaging Devices

  • Appliances

  • Plant Technology